Learn the Little-Known-Secrets to Glowing Health.

Starting May 1st, 16 leading health experts from around the world will be coming together for an epic online event to equip you with everything you need to succeed on a plant based diet.

Fully Raw Kristina

Achieve Glowing Health with Raw Foods.

Ted Carr

Achieve Glowing Health with State Changing.

Jonny Juicer

Achieve Glowing Health with Juicing.

Melissa Raimondi

Achieve Glowing Health with Weight Loss.

Dr. Joe Hooper

Achieve Glowing Oral Hygiene Health and fix teeth issues.

Jesee Wave

Achieve Glowing Health by lowering stress and lifting your moods.

Haley O’Neil

Achieve Glowing Health by Overcoming Digestive Issues.

Indica & Phillip Henderson

Achieve Glowing Health While Building Muscle.

Karen Ranzi

Raise Children to Have Glowing Health on a Plant-Based Diet.

Dr. Sam

Achieve Glowing Health with Chi Gong and Energy Work.

Don Bennett

Achieve Glowing Health by making sure you're getting all the key nutrients.

Katrina Franchina

Achieve Glowing Health by protecting yourself from 5G WiFi radiation.

Dr. Areli K Cuevas-Ocampo

Achieve Glowing Health through a whole foods lifestyle.

Chris Kendall

Achieve Glowing Health by Overcoming Emotional Eating.

Sheela Mahdavi

Achieve Glowing Health with herbal medicine.

Krystal Aranyani

Achieve Glowing Health by awakening self love.

Here's What You're Getting:

30 Days of Coaching From 14 Leading Health Experts ($2,997 Value)Live 1 hour classes with ability to interact in live Q&A ($997 Value)Private Mastermind Group to Connect with Members ($297 Value)Access to class replays during the summit* ($197 Value) BONUS: Free Canada Fruit Fest Day Pass ($311 Value)

Total Value: $4798.99

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* Lifetime access to class replays are available for just $19.99

Don’t go another month without making sure you’re completely aware of how healthy you can really be, and what landmines to look out for.

Join us for 30 Days of Health Optimization!

What will be covered:
By joining this 30 day Health Glow Summit, you’re going to walk away with a complete understanding of the top 16 most common health challenges people face, regardless of their diet, and how to prevent, and/or overcome these issues.

Avoiding Deficiencies
Heavy Metal Detox
5G WiFi Radiation
Transitioning to vegan
Raising Kids Vegan
Dental Issues

Weight Loss
Sugar Cravings
Food Addiction
Brain Fog/Memory
Digestive issues
Restricted Eating
Low Energy/Chronic Fatigue
Protein/Gaining Muscle

We’re leaving no stone unturned May 1st - May 30th.

At Glow, we’re going to be giving you personalized health advice and providing you with answers to ALL of your health questions, while also handing out leading edge health science advice to keep you healthy, vibrant, and glowing and for life!

What are your health goals?

Let us help you achieve them!

How it works:

Register here.Every Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) for the month of May, you will receive an email to join a live class with one of your teachers. Attend the live classes and take part in the group discussions.After each call, be sure to get started on your action tasks ("homework") for the week.If you miss a class you will have access to the all the replays during the 30 day summit.


For the month of May, all times PST

1st - 6pmTed Carr & Wayne HooverOpening Ceremony
3rd - 6pmTed CarrBeyond Health - The Ethical Argument for Veganism
4th - 12pmDon BennettRaw Vegan Diet Fails – The Main Reasons
4th - 3pmDr Areli K Cuevas OcampoRaw-Vegan Bio-Hacks to keep you on track
4th - 6pm Haley O’NeillHow to overcome digestion issues so you can radiate
5th - 12pmDon BennettHow to Research Something to Find the Truth
5th - 3pmDr Areli K Cuevas OcampoThe Science Behind the Raw-Vegan Lifestyle
5th - 6pmIndica & Phillip HendersonRaising Healthy Kids
7th - 6pm Fully Raw KristinaRaw Foods a key to health
11th - 12pmChris KendallEmotional eating / cravings / sugar cravings
11th - 7:30pmDr Joe HooperDental hygiene on a plant based diet
11th - 6pm Haley O’NeillHow to overcome digestion issues so you can radiate
18th - 12pmKaren RanziNourishing Your Family with Living Nutrition
18th - 3pm Krystal AranyaniAwakening Self Love and Divine Archetypes
18th - 6pmDr. SamHow Stress Can Improve Your Health and Save Your Life!
19th - 12pmMelissa RaimondiWeight loss and Food Addictions
19th - 6pm Katrina FranchinaThe dangers of 5G & Electromagnetic frequencies
25th - 12pmChris KendallTransitioning to eating more vegan/raw
25th - 3pmSheela MahdaviDetoxification & Reversing Disease
25th - 6pmDr. SamThe 3 Important Steps for Overcoming Chronic Fatigue
26th - 12pmMelissa RaimondiFood addictions
26th - 1:30pmJonny JuicerAll about Juicing
26th - 3pmIndica & Phillip HendersonHow to build muscle on raw foods
26th - 6pmJesse WaveSoul Sovereignty Stress-Less
30th - 6pmSheela MahdaviHerbal Medicine
31st - 6pmTed Carr & Wayne HooverClass by Ted & Closing Ceremony

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How to get access
Use this this link to access the webinar room on the date and time of the class.

The calendar of class times is on the homepage here.

Each class will be recorded and a link to it will be placed here.

Facebook group
The special members only facebook group: Glow Health Summit Members.
We will post the links to each class on this facebook group also, use it as a way to connect with others.

See you there!



Who are we?
The Glow Health Summit is lovingly producted by Wayne Hoover and Ted Carr.

Why we are doing this?
We believe that everyone can achieve glowing health long term on a plant based diet.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at info@glowhealthsummit.com

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